Creative Woman Mysteries

Books by Susan

1 A Deadly Stitch

2 A Matter of Wife or Death

3 Dog Gone Shame

All books in series:

  • BOOK 1: Strands of Fate by Linda Kozar
  • BOOK 2: A Deadly Stitch by Susan Sleeman
  • BOOK 3: Recipe for Deception by Rachael Phillips
  • BOOK 4: What a Picture’s Worth by Susan Page Davis
  • BOOK 5: Dog Gone Shame by Susan Sleeman
  • BOOK 6: Patchwork of Lies by Sharon Dunn
  • BOOK 7: Deadliest in Show, by Christy Barritt
  • BOOK 8: Guilty Treasures by Rachael Phillips
  • BOOK 9: A Tangled Yarn by Pam DeVoe
  • BOOK 10: A Matter of Wife or Death by Susan Sleeman
  • BOOK 11: Murder in Two Acts by Christy Barritt
  • BOOK 12: Horseplay at White Meadows by Marlene Chase
  • BOOK 13: Deadly Garland by Elizabeth Blair

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